Raw Recap – July 7, 2014

Piss poor camera work ALL fucking night long. The announce team is back to stuttering, repeating themselves and talking about over matches that have nothing to do with the current match….like talking about Cena/Rollins during the Fox/Bella match.

Reigns promo
Holy fuck is Reigns horrid on the stick
Camera work is for shit
The ref Kane choke slammed sold better than Reigns did
Fit Finley took a great bump for Reigns

Harper & Rowan d Usos – 4.5/5
Harper & Rowan get their own theme song
Great classic wrestling tag match, great use of nearfalls and crowd psychology
My ONLY complaint is that it wasn’t clear that the tag belts weren’t on the line

Kane/Orton promo
I fell asleep until Rollins came in

Nikki Bella/Alicia Fox – 0.0 (no contest…I’m calling it a promo)
Fox gets the dark entrance
Because it’s not enough to have a divas match with little miss AOP gets to lose the hot crowd while Nikki no sells the fuck out of a beat down

Rusev d RVD – 1.5/5
Lana manages to get heat in Canada…pretty amazing. Of course…it was lost on Americans, so I’ll explain it. We pride ourselves on not trying to police the world, we are accomplished diplomats and peacekeepers. So Lana got heat by saying that Putin is a true peacekeeper. Got heat from the crowd, but it’s a frog crowd, she could have gotten nuclear heat by saying that Quebec should be annexed to Russia to save the rest of Canada from their whining
Fans get so bored with the match, they start soccer chants
At least it was an actual match

Orton/Ambrose – no contest
Both guys played their parts flawlessly (yes…even Orton)
The end was picture perfect and keeps heat on both guys

ADR d Ziggler – 3.5/5
Fandango at ringside and referring to himself in the 3rd person
Reverse suplex from ADR to Ziggler from the top rope? Gold.
Great ending with Fandango shaking his ass for JBL

Dusts promo

Fandango love triangle promo
Do I really have to say it?

Hart promo
Some Canadians had a problem with Lawler talking about his heart attack and putting over the hospital that treated him…I can’t understand that. Let him. It took 30 seconds. Fuck off
Hart gets a cheap pop…Foley style
Sandhart…gold heat

Sheamus d Sandow – 2/5
Squashy…with amateur zoom bullshit
JBL was actually funny here “Bret screwed Bret!”

Miz promo
Miz great on the stick as always, Renee plays it so great

Jericho d Miz – 2.5/5
The lights on the right side are still broken on Jericho’s jacket
Jericho no-sells most of the match, but at least he didn’t blow up

Wyatt promo
Post-match promo and the Wyatt treatment is a little odd during a promo

Funkadaktals/Paige & AJ
Paige intros AJ…a little odd, could have used more of a build than the announcers telling us about it
Naomi & Cameron break-up …little stiff but we didn’t need the zoom bullshit to put it over
Bad news for Cameron, back to NXT unless creative tosses her and Fox together for a cunty tag team

Heyman/Cesaro promo
Oh…and Cesaro gets intelligent heat, then calls Quebecors pigs

Kofi d Cesaro – 2/5
Squashy match, more of a promo…and Cesaro’s next opponent is Big E? lol…awesome

Cena/Rollins promo
Pretty good promo, Cena mocks the Plissken outfit

Bo Dallas d Torito w/Fernando? – 1/5 (3.5/5 as a promo)
Best part of the match was the victory lap when he knocked over Torito…lol

Cena/Rollins – 4/5
All seven moves of doom were on display, still…pretty solid match out of cena and the screwjob ending was perfect both for Montreal and also to keep the heat on this feud
Oddly, Reigns came from the back
Rollins blasts everyone with the case and Ambrose stops the cash in…again, which got a great reaction
The back and forth between Reigns/Cena and the fans was a good way to end

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